Geoff Hawkins - Photography TITLE= 365 Strangers

I spent all my working life in an art college. Now that I am retired I am making pictures for myself. Strictly an unpaid photographer.

My photographs are made (or if you prefer taken) to please mostly me. I photograph people, the odd mailbox or elephant may creep in from time to time but mostly . . . .
        I'm a people person.

Geoff Hawkins

In 2009 I had a project to photograph a complete stranger for each day throughout the 2013. It was at times hard work, but mostly great fun and I met a lot of interesting people.

The last few years have been taken up with other projects but I missed the interaction, so here I am back again.

Note the for. In 2009 it quickly became apparent that if I rationed myself to one person each day, some days I had several faces that I found hard to choose between, while on other days that special face was very hard to find. So I amended my aims slightly and while I took photographs every day, some 3,500 in total, I sometime carried a picture taken on one day over to the next, rather than never show it and thus miss a particularly interesting face.

So I shall continue to photograph every day but I'm sure you'll forgive me if I occasionally sneak in a picture taken the day before.

If you would like me to photograph you, please get in touch.


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